What is personal branding photography?

What is it? And why is it important?

What is personal branding photography?

In this digital world where social media is bigger than ever before, creating a strong personal brand has become essential for business owners. If you have an online presence and are the face of your business, then you have a personal brand and one huge aspect of personal branding is personal branding photography.

The images created during a personal branding shoot tell the story of you and your personal brand. They are carefully planned and styled to show both the people behind the brand and the actual product or service that you offer. They will then be used across all platforms (website, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, TikTok etc.) so they should be high quality in order to make a great first impression.

Using professional quality images across the various platforms, email marketing campaigns and marketing materials creates a consistent and professional-looking brand.

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Image: Yoga teacher branding shoot

What happens during a personal branding photography shoot?

A personal branding photography shoot is a professional photo session that focuses on capturing the essence of your brand through a set of high quality images that represent your brand. This typically includes natural headshots, behind the scenes images, lifestyle product shots and shots of your workspace. You will work together with your photographer to create and style shots using props and outfits in various locations that reflect your brand.

If you have a physical premises or workspace e.g physiotherapy clinic, yoga studio, florist etc. then it makes sense to shoot there. However, if you work from home, work in client homes or just feel your workspace isn't where you want to be photographed, your photographer can suggest different public locations or even hire out a beautiful home or workspace especially for the shoot. I have carried out personal branding shoots in shops, bars, cafes, event spaces, fields and even in a river! If it fits your brand, we can make it work.

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Do I have to show my face?

I get it. If the thought of showing your face all over your website and socials fills you with dread, please trust me when I say that you're in the majority! But showing yourself every now and then helps to put a face to your name and gets your business visible. When a real person is shown, it creates an emotional connection with potential clients, builds up trust and instils confidence in you and your brand, meaning they are far more likely to buy from you. Think about the business accounts you follow, is there a face behind the ones you're most interested in?

It really won't be as terrifying as it seems. Your photographer will work with you to make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed and once you get into the swing of things, I dare say you might even enjoy it.

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