Family Photo Session – What is it?

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So what actually happens during a Family Photo Session?

Getting professional photos of you and your children needn't be stressful, it can be fun! My family photo sessions start with a walk and a chat while we all get to know each other. Parents usually bring a few accessories, props, blankets, teddies and whatever else they wish to be included in the photos and we start by having a play. Puddles, bubbles, treasure hunts, hide and seek and whatever other games your child likes, begin and I set to work capturing the natural expressions.


Image: natural mud

Image: charlie jumping

Although the session is mainly about capturing the child's natural movements and expressions, I throw in a few loosely posed shots too which are usually accompanied by a natural smile and giggle - only if they like my jokes that is.

Image: charlie laughing

Image: family photo session

Parents are encouraged to relax and take a back seat while their child leads the way on our adventure in the great outdoors. My many years of experience caring for children of all ages has taught me valuable lessons that come in quite handy during these photo sessions. I'd like to think I build up a rapport with the children during our session and as time goes on, their little characters really start to show.

Image: olivia collageHats and coats look fab with the bright autumn leaves. To find out more about recommended outfits and colours please see this board.

Image: girls blog collage

I try to keep the outdoor sessions to a maximum of 2 hours as usually, by this time, the children can be quite exhausted (another advantage of family photo sessions!) On the way back to the meeting spot there's usually a lot of chatting going on and perhaps concentration levels aren't as high as on 2 separate occasions now this has happened:

Image: charlie mud

It's nothing a banana and a cuddle can't fix though!

Image: boy carried laughing