Mum and Me Sessions

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What are Mum and Me Sessions?

My Mum and Me sessions focus on capturing rare moments when Mum is actually in front of the camera! These days, our walls, computers and phones are full of snapshot memories of our children but not many actually include us (I say 'our'- I don't actually have any children yet but as many of my friends do my phone is also full!)

Image: Mum and me

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For me, photos are all about preserving the memories that you can look back on and remember. But when your children look back through albums, how many images will they see of you? How will your son know what you looked like when he was 1? How will your daughter be able to remember how you looked at her when she made you laugh? How will your son see that at one point he really was small enough to sit on your shoulders?

You are one of the most important people in their lives so make sure you exist in photographs and are included in their memories!

Image: mum and daughter playing on grass