Muddy Puddles!

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This session meant quite a lot to me as Mum was so desperate to 'just get one nice one'. After seeing their faces when they saw the slideshow last night and returning home to find this lovely review on my Facebook page, I went to bed very happy!

"I'm not sure I can praise Amy enough. Our shoot went so well, our son is autistic and doesn't like his photo taken.... you can not tell one bit. The photos are AWESOME. Throw 2 crazy girls into the mix and the result was fantastic. Thank you for giving us such fantabulous memories"

Image: family playing in Chesterfield

Image: family looking

Image: natural children playing

Image: Natural photography children chesterfield

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  1. Jennifer Wakamatsu
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    These photos are amazing and what a great tribute from the mom!
    It’s really funny that a few years back I did a session with an autistic boy featuring some serious puddle jumping, too! SO much fun for all!

  2. Kelly
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    This brings a huge smile to my face!

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