Christmas Baking with Mama

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It’s the little things in life that are usually the most precious. Baking with your family at Christmas time isn’t often documented, and if it is, it’s the finished product that gets all the glory. But what about the memories … Read More

Land of Lights

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If you haven’t been to the Land of Lights yet then seriously, it’s worth a trip! The story behind the lights… ‘Malcolm was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma on Christmas Eve 2004. He was diagnosed by Professor Hancock at Weston … Read More

A Beautiful Handfast

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Like quite a few of the guests, this was my first handfast experience and I’ll be honest, even after the initial consultation I didn’t fully know what to expect! It was such an amazing day, from jumping over the broomstick to … Read More

A Walk in the Park

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Charlotte and her lovely family were perfectly colour co-ordinated for their Autumn session in Alfreton Park. The morning started off foggy but as time went on the fog lifted and the sun began to shine on the 4 cousins. Charlotte tried to … Read More


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I had an amazing time last month making the most of the beautiful bluebells!

Family Photo Session – What is it?

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So what actually happens during a Family Photo Session? Getting professional photos of you and your children needn’t be stressful, it can be fun! My family photo sessions start with a walk and a chat while we all get to know each other and the children start to relax and have fun.

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